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DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #42

April 11th, 2018

Episode 42. Happy Wednesday! What a great show and I’ll say it again...we live in the greatest community in the world!  Show starts with good mornings to all and then the fun began!  As luck would have the DASH4CASH hangover is still lingering in full effect!  Plans are in place and a cure for that hangover is being put into place with the help of all our friends...The DashBash!  This thing took off like a rocket and here we go!  Chef Adam came in with some great food as usual and a BIG thanks again to Larry Murphy and Chef Adam Manasco of Camp 31 BBQ for always bringing the right food at the right time!  DJ put down six bones before we knew what happened!  Thanks for listening!  If you would like to catch us live check us out at