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DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #51 Special Guest Tony & Mitt Burnham and Rob Moye

April 29th, 2018

Episode 51  Happy Fri-Yay!  Back with us on the show was the Kobra Commander himself Tony (Tonya) Burnham and his son Mitt. They dropped by to show off their new Kobra Kai T-shirt’s that were custom made just for them and The 109!  We had a great time with them as we always do. Also dropping in out of nowhere was Clobbering Rob Moye and he laid a little smack down for Tonya in classic Clobbering Rob fashion! If you like to laugh then you want to listen to this one as it’s going to make your stomach hurt from laughing. Also a BIG thank you to Chef Adam Manasco and Paula Pettis for providing the treats and as usual they were delicious!  Thanks for listening and we will be back first of next week for Manic Monday!