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DRIVE TIME with DJ & KJ! #60

May 13th, 2018

Episode 60  Happy Fri-Yay!  What a great way to end the week with such great ladies as we had in the studio today. First up was Susan Reeves of Trustmark Bank. Susan filled us in on the details of the blood drive on Monday that Trustmark and D.W. McMillan Hospital have planned. Up next and capping off a great week of Teacher Appreciation were Pollard McCall teachers Sara Ann Fountain and Sharmon O’Bannon. Now these ladies will probably have their own show at some point. We’ve had a lot of fun on DRIVE TIME but these ladies took fun and the Southern dialect to a whole new level! WBOSS (THE BOSS) BOSSMAN RADIO is up and running! Check it out at  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at  Subscribe to our podcast at  Follow us on Instagram at @bossprollc   Follow us on Facebook at  Add us on Snapchat at bossprollc  Catch up with us on Twitter @bossprollc  Thank you for watching, commenting and most of all supporting BMP! Welcome to the BMP family reunion!