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WAR EAGLE… ROLL TIDE! Ep. 4 with former Crimson Tide football player Trent Davidson

September 23rd, 2019

When we say we have a BIG guest in Studio B we mean we have a BIG ONE! In Studio B for this episode is former T.R. Miller Tiger and former University of Alabama football player Trent Davidson. Trent is a long time friend of all of us here at BMP and what a pleasure it was to have Trent in studio giving his analysis on things as they happen and things to come!  As usual the debate was hot and so was Tbone’s hair errrr shag carpet on top of his head. DJ got things kicked off with Trent as it was two on one with DJ holding his own pretty well... until Maury...errr Tbone’s pitch for his new line of hair care products. To find out all about that and much more download the show and let us know what you think. Until next time WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE!


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