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WAR EAGLE… ROLL TIDE! Ep. 6 Special Guest Former Auburn Tiger Lee Marke Sellers

September 30th, 2019

First we want to thank you all for hanging in here with us as we get this podcast going and just know we’ve got big things coming!  On episode 6 of W.E.R.T we have a very special guest with former Auburn Tiger Football standout Lee Marke Sellers. Lee Marke as we know him fills us in on just how the game has changed and how some things haven’t changed. Recruiting was a hot topic during the show and Lee Marke talks about his recruitment as well as his kids that have and are currently going through the recruitment process. Up next was the infamous TOP 5 that seems to get everyone’s praise or hate. Thanks again for listening and until next time WAR EAGLE... ROLL TIDE!



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